Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Hopfield Tales - now 99 cents! #urbanfantasy #Kindle

The urban fantasy trilogy the Hopfield Tales is now available for under a dollar, less than a pound and lower than a euro.
So, what are you waiting for? It's time to snap it up!  Don't just take my word for it...

Campaign of the Gods

This riveting tale is about a British constable, his pregnant wife Anna and his partner Mark and their strange run-in with Norse Vikings.

This takes place in modern day England with Constable Stuart and his wife fretting over the imminent birth of their son. While out on a routine patrol, Stuart encounters a group of Vikings that he assumes to be a part of Mark's reenactment group. Little does he know that thanks to Loki, the God of Mischief, a board game between Thor and Tyr is being played out in their small town of Hopfield.

This short story is packed with action from beginning lines through to the end of the book. The small town is plagued with time-transported Vikings; lead by their hero Ivar the Boneless, in a pitched battle with a pack of wolves lead by Fenrir, the wolf god son of Loki.

As Stuart becomes folded into the game\war he receives a phone call from his wife - the baby is on its way. As he and Mark rush home to deliver her to the hospital the encounter rogue groups of blood thirsty wolves and battle hardened Vikings. All the while their small, puny lives are being put at risk, Thor and Tyr are trying to find a way to end this deadly game they are now being forced to play.

Will the Gods be able to end this bloodshed on the planet they are sworn to protect? What of Stuart and Anna - will they make be able to make it to the hospital alive? If so, will it be in time to have a healthy baby? What will become of the Vikings and wolves - who will win this horrible battle and what will happen afterwards?

Waiting for the answers to these questions and more will keep you from putting this book down until you reach the stunning conclusion.

By Kendell K. Jordan 
Format: Kindle Edition

Mark of the Legion

The last story, Mark of the Legion, tells the story of an unambitious man who decided to become a monk by way of escaping life... Or at least I would call it escaping life, considering that he wasn't exactly pious. That said, I want to say that there is really nothing wrong with that. We are all entitled to living the way we like and as far as I'm concerned, he's not a criminal and he does not beg. Brother Bentham enjoys his life in the brotherhood, he cherishes the silence he gets while tending to the gardens and he does his job, even when he doesn't like it. In the end, this story alone made reading the entire book worth the trouble, because it was just so good. Brother Bentham has his shortcomings, but he's a responsible and hardworking man and one who is open to suggestions and ideas. I absolutely adore him. And I think that this story delivers some very strong messages about responsibility and never ignoring messages. This one earns 5 stars ★★★★★

The Spirit Archer

What a wonderful story!!

When young Jamie discovers an ancient burial ground not far from his home, little does he know what he's about to encounter. Set in a small town in Northen England, Mike Evers blends the lessons of the past with the trials of living in the modern world. The key to writing a good historical story is to make it interesting enough to intrigue the reader to want to not only enjoy reading the story in it's entirety, but to want to learn more when they have finished the fiction and explore the factual. This novella does just that.

Although is begins a little slow, it quickly picks up the pace and delivers an exceptionally warm and emotional story. The characters are fully formed and the conflicts are real, despite the paranormal aspects of the tale. I recommend that anyone with children get their kids to read this book, it will encourage them to learn more about the past and possibly want to engage in reading if they do not already. But this is an enjoyable read for all ages. For a quick read with an emotional and entertaining punch, please check out this book.

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