Monday, 6 May 2013

The Citadel Guest List (so far) #amwriting

Here is the list of brave adventurers who have visited us at the Citadel.  There has been plenty of merriment and mayhem with these splendid people, I can tell you. We have had everything from gnome kidnappings and gnome throwing, to colourful fashion tips and Kevlar lab wear. There has even been a night in the village police station (which I do not really want to say anything more about).

What is more, we have still managed to avoid any loss of life (I think), thank goodness. Quite the opposite. In fact, I would swear that one or two of these authors may still be camped out in the Forest of Enchantment or hiding somewhere in the dungeons.

You can follow the links to read their interviews:









Earlier Guests:



  1. Of course you being in trouble must have been the fault of that Steve Emmett.....

  2. Things do seem to have started to go awry once he visited.

  3. Yes. We shall blame him. He is very handy


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