Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Mountain Lord now on Twitter @TheMountainLord

Ruby has finally persuaded me to join this thing called Twitter. I have already started twitting and have posted a few twits. My faithful servant Stanislav has handed his old account to me. He tells me that since he started dating Mrs Svobodova, his obsession with social networking has caused nothing but trouble for him, culminating in him being struck with a frozen fish last Friday.

The original holder of the account was a gregarious gnome called Rondo, who sadly disappeared on a sightseeing trip to the Baltic, where he was last seen being lured into a rock pool by a mermaid.

Perhaps this Twitter thing is cursed? I hope not.

Feel free to chase me. Or is that follow? Very strange this twit stuff!

*update - Bindl has managed to change my @profile to @TheMountainLord.

Far catchier, don't you think? 


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