Friday, 19 April 2013

Mark of the Legion by Mike Evers - April Update #amwriting

Here is another message which arrived earlier by pigeon. Once again, I am sorry to say, the poor bird has vanished and is now probably being plucked and basted in the gnomes' quarters. 

Mike Evers:

I thought it about time to give you an update on Mark of the Legion, which is my latest novella.  Well, it has now been completed, along with other elements that I needed to do (work on the blurb etc) and has been sent to GMTA Publishing (Mythos Press), where is has gone through editing and formatting. For all intents and purposes it's ready to roll.

However, I've had a discussion with Kitty at GMTA and we've decided it's best not to go ahead with the individual release of the novella, but to publish it along with Spirit Archer and Campaign of the Gods as a single book - The Hopfield Tales.

The main reason is that we feel it better to devote more time and effort to the artwork and promotion of the single, larger publication. Furthermore, I've wanted the stories to be placed together as a meatier package for some time, where they can be read and considered alongside each other.  They are all different, despite having a common historical, urban fantasy thread - and each has its own style and approach to story telling. I feel this would be the best way of offering good value for money, too.

One thing we are quite likely to do is to publish it the first three months exclusively on Kindle KDP Select, which would mean we'd have 5 days to offer it for free.  In short, you'd be able to read Mark of the Legion without having to pay for all three stories. I'll keep you posted about this.

So, the question is - when is it going to be published?

GMTA has a lot of great authors nowadays, and quite a few books lined up ready to be published and given the red carpet treatment. Hopfield Tales was originally scheduled for August 2013 release, and I'm guessing that this is still the most likely time for publication. You never know, however, so watch this space...

Stay frosty, y'all!




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