Saturday, 27 April 2013

Divided We Write, United We Tweet #IndieAuthorsUnited #Triberr


My gnome technicians have just set up a new tribe on a thing called Triberr

We are called Indie Authors Utd - a coalition of indie writers, independent publishers and book bloggers.

I'll hand you over to Bindl to explain the  technical stuff.

Bindl Bogwalker:

Triberr connects bloggers by allowing them to share the RSS feeds on their blogs and Tweet about each other when new blog posts are made. All you need is a blog with Blogger or WordPress and a Twitter account.

You can select the Tweets you would like to send and set up the frequency they will come through your Twitter feed. You don't have to Tweet anything you don't want to. It's easy really.

It's a powerful way of driving readers to your blog and getting more followers on Twitter. It's simple really.  Oh, and you can join Triberr by logging in with your Twitter ID.  It's a doddle really.

Thank you, Bindl (really)

To come and join us, login into Triberr, search 'Mountain Lord' , locate the Indie Authors Utd link and follow me.  Providing there are no technical issues (gnome technology is notoriously unreliable, believe me), I will set you up as a tribe member.

In doing so we might just become a force to be reckoned with... 


  1. Will do. I'm sure you have a awesome tribe, please include.
    Patricia ♥

    1. Will do. As soon as I can get Triberr working on this infernal machine. It's still early days, but the tribe is growing slowly. Thanks :o)

    2. Are you on Triberr, Patricia? I can't seem to find you in the search box.


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