Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mark of the Legion - Progress Report #amwriting

News from Mike:

Well, I've been fairly quiet on the web for a few weeks, and one of the reasons is I've had my head down, beavering away on the third Hopfield tale.

The story is titled Mark of the Legion and once again is a mix of modern day Yorkshire characters and events from the past.  You may guess that the theme this time is Roman history, and perhaps I can whet your appetite by mentioning the involvement of the famous Legio IX Hispana, which played a key role in the invasion of Britain by Emperor Claudius and his successors, and is probably best known for the mystery of its complete disappearance early in the 2nd Century.  My story however, is a little different to other books ands films you may have come across about the Ninth Legion.

You can also expect a Biblical angle and the inclusion of one or two legendary figures from ancient Britain.  In some ways it's more of a companion piece to the Spirit Archer than my second Hopfield story is, in that an historical narrative will be central to the story.

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As I'm approaching the latter part of February I'm pleased to report that I've reached the end stages of the manuscript and once the (might I say 'surprising') ending is perfected, and a thorough edit and check carried out, you can expect the single novella some time in the spring.

Perhaps even more exciting, Mark of the Legion will be published along with The Spirit Archer and Campaign of the Gods in one mouth-watering package - The Hopfield Tales (or perhaps Hopfield Chronicles).

I am pleased to announce that the publication date of the trilogy will be August 15th 2013 with Mythos Press (an imprint of GMTA Publishing).  My publisher is expanding and enjoying new successes right now and I'm very pleased to be a part of these fantastic new developments.

Anyway, I'm heading back to the past for a few hours.  "Strength and honour!" as they say.


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