Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gnome Archery - Christmas 2012: The Black Elves' Challenge! #gnomes

If you can hark back to last Christmas, you may recall the remarkable victory of my Thunder Mountain gnomes at the Christmas Fayre in Sherwood Forest.  Well, I have just heard that our gallant gnome archers have been challenged to a new tournament for 2012.  It is to be held in the mysterious glades of the Black Forest in Germany, with a home side known simply as The Black Elves.

I have to admit that the gnomes are somewhat out of shape and I will get them to become re-acquainted with their bows.  I fear Wimpl the Unwilling may take some persuading again. Sigh.

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LAST YEAR'S EPIC VICTORY (Sherwood Forest 2011):

The amazing gnomes have won the archery trophy at the Legendary Creatures' Christmas Fayre in Sherwood Forest - despite some setbacks along the way.

The team walked the early rounds - seeing off the goblins and an impressive group of dwarven bowmen with relative ease. However, things became more tricky in the semi-final when the gnomes faced a team of highly skilled wood elves. Troubled gnome, Wimpl the Unwilling, caused an upset by refusing to come out of the refreshments tent and cost the team a round. Also at this stage, Bundl Fugglebum and Findl Nettlecrusher were becoming worse the wear to Thunder Ale, and Bundl accidently misfired an arrow into the Faerie Queen's giant yule log.

In the final the Robin Hood All Stars were on the cusp of certain victory when Fugglebum fired off a miraculous shot, pulling the gnomes' chestnuts out of the fire and saving the day. 

We look forward to celebrating their victory with them at the Christmas feast.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Yorkshire Ridings Magazine - We're on the Christmas books list! #ChildrensBooks

Well, we are beginning to feel some of the festive magic here at the citadel - even though it is still only November!
I am pleased to say that two of Mike's novellas have been featured in the Christmas edition of Yorkshire Ridings Magazine. You can see for yourself:


Campaign of the Gods - Trailer

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