Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Chaosifier - Six Sentence Sunday - October 28th

Midway through the book the chaos machine is beginning to have an increasingly detrimental effect on society. The story has now moved to London, and in this case, a mild-mannered school school teacher has been 'inspired' to organise a terrorist group to hold a supermarket to ransom in Acton Town. Their simple and misguided objective is to 'change product labelling'!

In the face of a growing crimewave, the British government has decided to call in special forces - just as a precaution, of course. The British Prime Minister has absolutely no intention of using them. However, the increasingly random and shocking effects of the Chaosifier are about to be witnessed: In a moment of confusion the SAS are sent in to quell the so-called 'terrorists'. They believe they are facing fanatical and deadly foes. And the SAS do not mess around:

"The SAS blew the back door of the supermarket warehouse off with enough explosives to put a hole in a battleship.  Using advanced room clearing techniques, the troopers filtered into the building and readied their flash-bangs as they approached the corridor leading to the shop floor.  Squinting through the lenses of his gas-mask, the lead soldier surveyed the sturdy door ahead and nodded at a trooper with a shotgun, who tentatively padded over to the door.  As he approached the door, he could see the red laser-sight beams of MP5 machine guns scanning over the door like a giant barcode.  He raised his portal-busting Remington shotgun to the door, and listened to the stun grenades being primed behind him.  He knew it was time to do his job..."

The situation is set. Only the Bifurs (luck goblins) can possibly save the gentle hostage takers...

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Hit Squad movie @superpixelbros

Well folks,

I must say I am getting the hang of this thing called 'Twitter'.

Mike is a big fan of all things retro in the world of video games and tells me he loves the idea behind this film. His eyes sometimes glaze over with talk of the early days, with Atari this, and ZX81 that.  I am not entirely sure what he is on about but I do my best to humour him. 

Anyhow,  Roddy Stones, the lead singer of the band in the forthcoming movie, appeared out of the blue and made his charismatic presence felt.  Follow the links below to have a look at this wonder in 8-bit pixellation:



Best of luck to Chris and Jordy in the project. We wish you well.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Campaign of the Gods on Six Sentence Sunday - October 21st

Six Sentences from Campaign of The Gods.

Legendary Viking berserker Ivar Ragnarsson unwittingly finds himself involved in a board game being played by Norse gods Týr and Thor. Mysterious forces have somehow transported him through space and time to a location in present day Yorkshire, where he has the task of saving the locals from very dark forces indeed. 

The Viking army arrive in random locations in present day Hopfield and, like his men, poor Ivar hasn't a clue where he is at first:

"...On arriving, confused and terrified, the Viking leader was experiencing an overpowering cold and darkness.  An ungodly humming noise filled his ears and the icy blast of an arctic wind chilled his exposed flesh.  Fearing he had died and failed to find paradise in Valhalla, Ivar thought the worst - he had ended up in Hel – to be punished for eternity.  A fact he did not face very well.
            “Oh, Odin, have mercy!” he pleaded to the icy darkness in his Old Norse tongue.  He was surprised by the reply coming through the gloom...."

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Spirit Archer on Six Sentence Sunday - 14th October

Six sentences from The Spirit Archer

Robin Hood comes to the rescue in the present day and a crowd of people are dumbfounded by his arrival.

He is definitely not your ordinary, every-day kind of fellow:

"The crowd parted like the Red Sea for Moses – and onlookers gasped at the very sight of the man. He was athletic and tall, with a shock of lustrous black hair. He appeared about thirty years old.  An aura glowed about him, giving him the incredible presence of the other world.  His steps carried the echo of ages, and he bore the powerful smell of ancient forests – of wood, moss and wild flowers.  A girl swooned as he walked past her, but he saw the movement, and caught her in an instant, lowering her gently to the ground."   

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Thank you Michel Vaillancourt for the recommendation.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn at the Citadel


Oh how I love autumn here at the citadel.

There is just something magical about this time of year. Down in the village the locals are hard at work harvesting the crops and gathering fruit.  It was reported that Old Man Wenceslas took a couple of barrels of his 'Harvest Moon Special' to the village square last weekend and that a good time was had by one and all. Mysteriously, one or two of the men have finally showed up again after disappearing for over a week. Goodness knows where they had got to, and the odd markings and rips on their clothing have raised an eyebrow or two.  I am sure that they will get an earful of rancour from their wife-folk.  But, I guess that's Harvest Moon Special for you.  Whether it is able to temporarily able to transform people into beasts remains the stuff of hearsay. However, I am beginning to suspect that it actually might.

So, things are just grand.  The fireplaces are aglow and the log piles are high.  I am enjoying the occasional walk with Ruby in the woods and I can sense the first frosts are near.  Even the gnomes are excited by the russet and gold colours of the leaf sugars.

Hope you are well.


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