Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dealing with a wistful wife

Princess Ruby has become quite snappy and, dare I say, more naggy than usual of late.  Only yesterday I glimpsed her looking at a picture of Transylvania with a tear in her eye.  I'm extremely fearful that she might still harbour a longing for Dracula. Woe is me - what should I do?

Problems with lightning

I seem to be having problems with using lightning. I can get the voltage I need, but I can't get the right accuracy when directing the bolts.  Perhaps there are weather experts out there who can help me.


Thanks to the terrible curse Dracula placed on me I have 1273 turnips in my vegetable patch.  I hate the dreadful things.  If anyone has any ideas what to do with the awful things, please tell me.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Worth Mentioning

How is it possible that five small, magical creatures from a wood in England can cope with a crimewave, the collapse of the global financial system, World War 3 - and still enjoy a spot of supper?  Somewhere deep in the Karkonose Mountains a capricious and vengeful chaos lord has managed to get a terrifying machine to do his bidding. Who could that be I wonder? 

Due out soon on Kindle courtesy of Trestle Press.

I am not quite sure where Mr Evers got his facts from, but he appears to have some insight into this whole sorry affair.

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